Best of Web 4 - HD - Zapatou (от zapatou)

Lil Dicky - Ex-Boyfriend (Official Video) (от LilDickyRap)

*SUMMER WINE* (от LanaDelRey)

The Great Gatsby soundtrack out May 6 (International) / May 7 (US).
Pre-order on iTunes and get Young & Beautiful right away:


Film in cinemas May 10 (US) / May 16 (UK)

Про русскую идею 2013 HD [UNCENSORED] (от 0420to)

"Уилфред": несколько тизеров к третьему сезону (от Габидуллин Руслан)

LITTLE BIG - Everyday I’m drinking (от DavayLayma)

Biting Elbows - ‘Bad Motherfucker’ (Insane Office Escape 2) (от bitingelbows)

Elizabeth Gillies - “You Don’t Know Me” - Official Lyric Video (от LizGilliesLyrics)

Animirus: About Authority (от 1A4STUDIO)